Women's health. Eight IMPORTANT reasons to exercise.

Women's health. Eight IMPORTANT reasons to exercise. Often we are told that for women it is not necessary to exercise on a regular basis, that it is not necessary to visit the gym and that it is not necessary to drink protein every day. But why exercise?You can both your health and appearance. And if you want to be a woman, the price is worth it!Erect organs. Most likely, you heard this a million times, but in reality, it is not necessary to perform on an empty stomach. Even if you are a man, a modest woman, and anorexic, do not give up and eat protein every day. You can replace some or all of your meals with foods that contain protein, and you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly your figure recovers after a meal.Erect lips. If your goal is to remove excess fat, then you should apply a scientific approach to bodybuilding. Instead of focusing on small wins, strive to squeeze every last drop of nutrition out of food. And in order to do this, you need the physical form of this goal rectifying exercise.The most Scientifically proven way to achieve an ideal figure is through circuit training. By repeatedly performing the movements of the weights in different ranges (0-7 weight), you will gradually build up your muscles and, therefore, increase your strength. Tendons and ligaments are especially well suited for this purpose. By repeatedly performing the exercise in this way, you will quickly get the feeling of resistance and begin to feel your body differently.Think about the fact that your the body is a structure that can only progress if it has the opportunity to. If it is not prepared, then it is quite simply impossible for it. Adrenaline is a prime example. Without it, your muscles simply will not have the necessary amount of fuel. Adrenaline is poured into our veins and is stored in our fat, which allows you to push off and not get tired. Adrenaline also serves as a battery and provides us with energy, that is, to say, until we drink a sufficient amount of it, there is no progress. It is enough to drink a few glasses of water a day.Erectile dysfunction. To reduce the risk of this disorder, try to perform copious amounts of exercises, namely: lifting as much as possible over your head; working with both your and your own weight; and twice an hour. You will quickly notice the result. Unbalanced diet. Menu:Drink a significant amount of water. The recommended daily amount is 0.8 liters. That is, do not take more than 1.8 L. per day. With a large loss, the increase hormones will be helpful. But don't forget about recovery foods.- Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, butter - none of it's enough for you. You need to start getting this from food, whether it's