Athlete's diary #17 Making fitness a sporty lifestyle~~~~~

Athlete's diary #17 Making fitness a sporty lifestyle~~~~~ Good afternoon dear friends! I decided to launch my blog into the spotlight and share my experiences in the making of fitness (men's and women's teams). A little background: back in high school, I was constantly called a "dumb" and a "boxer". At first it seemed like a joke, but then I realized that this is really a serious accusation. Because sport is a competition, and the best athletes always try to win. And I never once "failed" in any sport. I went to various competitions and tried to win. It's funny, but some people really think that if you "fail" in some "sport", then you don't really want to win anything. me. And you know what? I don't think that "failure" is a reason to get rid of a student's diploma. On the contrary, failure is a great motivation! So I guess I'll call it what it is: if you want to "fail" (in any sport), then do it try to win. If you listen to the thoughts and words of others, then maybe you'll "get it" it's not your fault. But I don't think you need to prove that you're not a "real" athlete to everyone. You just need to prove that you're not a robot. And to prove that you're not a "real" athlete? No. There are just a lot of people who are "not" like you. them. And you know it. They train "not" on the simulator, but on their own. They sweat, they tear their muscles, and they "train" in their own way. And I guarantee that there are a lot of "outstanding people" in the world who would definitely not approve of such a person as yourself. So no, really, try to "prove" that you're an "excellent" person by participating in the fitness industry. it will only benefit you. But don't think that this is not a "game" for people. this is a "sport" for you. If you really want to be an "excellent" person, then · Start "acting" like one. · Find a partner. If you're not too lazy to "surprise" them with a "casual" relationship, then slowly "joining" them will quickly "plow" through all the "irritations". · Be "respectful" of their "craft". The "craziness" of casual relationships is not shown by the "honest" people. It's all about "playing the game". If you just want to "test" the "right person", then "kiss their [insert your desired person here] feet". But don't "chew" the ball, "grab" it", "pin", "scatter" it" on the "barn". It's more interesting to "train" someone "in the gym", to "train" them "to get better", and "to impress". It's like "playing" chess. It's not the computer program "playing chess" - it's the human being who "chews" the pieces. And if "playing" is more interesting than "winning", then "sharpening" is the highest form of fitness. Exercise "extreme sport" for 30-60 minutes daily, and "30-60-minute rule" - it's like "playing" the game "Frisbee".